As far as fitness level may concern, everyone can do this Cave tour! 

Barton Creek Cave is one of the oldest adventure tours near San Ignacio. Moreover visitors have been exploring the Barton Creek cave tour for over twenty years to present. The Barton creek cave rated for everyone. Whether you’re 5 years old or retired, you’re most welcome to join us on this cave exploration. Exploring this cave can be done from the seats of canoes as you paddle through a single passage cave system. In other words, the same way you paddle in, the same route you’ll travel to get back out.

What makes this cave very unique is the long history it has within our tourism industry. In addition, it boast some amazing stalactite and stalagmites that’s just amazing as they fall from the ceiling. However, how many places in the world can you literally paddle a canoe inside a cave? That’s just fascinating by itself, right? Barton Creek Cave tour can also be combined with Ziplining or Xunantunich Mayan Ruins tour. Combination of both these tours gives you a great vision of the Mayan underworld and their architectural skill sets.


Here you can have yourself a glimpse of what the tour would entail. We aren’t trying to spoil it for you, therefore, we’re keeping it limited.

barton creek cave tour
barton creek cave
barton creek cave


The Barton creek cave tour starts at 9:00 am from San Ignacio town and returns approximately 3:00 pm. Sometimes quicker depending on your group. It’s a hour, fifteen minutes drive to the cave parking lot. On your drive you’ll experience some pumpy off road ride. In addition, you’ll pass through the village of Upper Barton Creek where the ancient Amish Mennonites took as their home when they seek refuge in Belize from civil wars.

Nevertheless, once you’re at the national park you’ll exit the vehicle and gear up with your flash lights and life vest before taking off on your canoe trip. It’s a slow paddle as your eyes glaze at mother nature and history all in one. The touring of the cave itself takes approximately 2 hours to go in and out. After the paddling you can take a short swim at the entrance of the cave if you so desire; it’s more recommended on hot days in Belize.

Next, you’ll have lunch, let it settle, then you’re locked and loaded in your transport as you happily take the drive back through the Mennonite community; and then onto to San Ignacio.


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  • Entrance Fees
  • Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Lunch (Optional)
  • All Local Taxes