Belize Nature Tour

Love nature? Then you’ll love the Mountain Pine Ridge Tour.

Surely, the best tour in Belize, for swimming, waterfalls, and more….

First off, the Mountain Pine Ridge a well known nature tour in San Ignacio. It’s adventurous with clear water, greenery, and a dry cave. In fact, the mountain pine ridge tour superb for anyone seeking nature outing, along with some level of relaxation. To emphasize, on this tour you’ll travel up to the mountain pine ridge with your first stop being the furthest destination of this adventure, Rio Frio Cave.

Firstly, Rio Frio Cave, a dry cave way up in the D’Silva area of the this nature reserve. Notably, do you know what makes this cave unique despite being small and dry? The carvings that can be found on the walls. However please note that in rainy weather this cave may not be accessible.

Next you’ll travel back down to the Rio On Pools. These pools are carved and designed by nature, making them extremely beautiful. The pools are based with limestone rocks and the flow starts off with two small waterfalls.

As a matter of fact, from here you have a quite sweet view of the pine forest, you’ll also be able to swim from pool to pool. Furthermore, you may also just have yourself a waterfall massage. Whenever the group finish swimming and relaxing in these pools you’ll dry up and head on to your the next best thing to see.


Have yourself a quick peek of what an adventure in the Mountain Pine Ridge entails. Imagine how these picture dance your imagination, in person will build amazing memories!

mountain pine ridge
mountain pine ridge
mountain pine ridge
mountain pine ridge
mountain pine ridge

Sightseeing Mountain Pine Ridge

After the pools you’ll drive to view Belize’s largest waterfall. The thousand feet falls. The falls is a view only part of this nature adventure, but really spectacular to view and take an awesome picture with one of the most amazing back drop for Belize. With this part not taking too long withing no time you’ll be off to your next stop.

Fourthly, you’ll be visiting another swimming spot, the Big Rock Falls. With a very sizable waterfall and deeper swimming spot guest tends to have more fun here. Especially those who aren’t afraid of jumping off heights. Here you’ll swim some more and have a safer place to jump from heights as you have some fun together. The area quite beautiful as well, and as they say, seeing is believing.

In addition, within this 100,000 plus acres we’d recommend taking your binoculars if you may have one. Why? Provided that within this reserve as you visit these natural landmarks you’ll be able to experience some of Belize’s most exotic birds. Keep your eyes open!


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