Today we are going to talk a bit about the Top Three Tours in San Ignacio. As well as things you can do in and near San Ignacio town during your jungle vacation. First you must know the location of San Ignacio within Belize. This friendly town located in the western region of a 8,867.2 square miles country. San Ignacio situated roughly 75 miles from Belize international airport and 70 miles from Belize City. Getting to San Ignacio by shuttle takes approximately 1 hour 45 minutes; direct ride to the town and hotels within town. However, you must bear in mind that there are accommodation that are listed in San Ignacio that is actually over 3 miles out of the town. Nevertheless, with no further adue let’s get right down to business.

# 1 of the Top Three Tours in San Ignacio

top three tours in san ignacioFirst, the ATM Cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal), listed number 1 as one of the Top Three Tours in San Ignacio. This Mayan cave located 21 miles out of San Ignacio behind the village of Teakettle; named one of the creepiest adventures in Central America. The tour starts off in San Ignacio with pickups at hotels within town free of charge. Then you’re on a 1 hour drive to the site parking lot. At this point guest would be briefed on how the tour would be conducted along with the do’s and don’t of the tour. Next, guest will start a jungle hike lasting for 45 minutes which leads you to the entrance of the cave. However, on the hike you’d be experiencing some river crossing up to waist height.

After arriving at the cave you’d be required to accomplish a short swim in what would appear as deep dark flowing water exiting the mouth of the cave system. Bear in mind the water actually clear and clean but the shadow of the cave mouth portrays the darkness. Thereafter, you’d be climbing over and under cave rocks as you explore the first chamber which features jaw dropping formations from Stalagmites and Stalactites. Finally you’d experience as you’d never experience anywhere else, the site of human remains. We’ll stop there for now, not wanting to spoil the trip for you, and that’s why it’s number one on our Top Three Tours in San Ignacio.

2nd Top Three tours in San Ignacio

belize toursSecondly, the Cave Tubing with Zip Lining tour.  Cave tubing with zip line has become the most done tour in Belize. Making it 2nd on our Top Three Tours in San Ignacio. This occurred especially due to the cruise ship tourism that Belize have received over the years. Cave tubing offers a day of relaxation along side adrenaline and fun. Furthermore, cave tubing with zip line doesn’t require much physical allowing for all age group to be capable of participating. Whether you’re a solo traveler, couples on honeymoon, or a family that prays together, cave tubing with zip line right for you.

Now let’s look at what a day of Cave tubing with Zip Line may entails. At your hotel you’ll be picked up, then take an hour fifteen minute ride to the parking lot. The necessary equipment for the adventure will be provided at this point. Next you’ll start your 30 minute hike through the semi-jungle to reach the start of your float. However, this will be don after you’ve zipped, which takes 45 minutes. Then, the float starts where you’ll enjoy the beauty of mother nature from an inner tube through Belize’s river cave system. The float itself last approximately 2.5 hours depending on the water level at the time.


3rd Top Three Tours in San Ignacio

birding in belizeLastly, on our Top Three Tours in San Ignacio, Birding in San Ignacio. This one may seem a little bias to many of those locals that may come across this page. But, I assure you it’s not. Why visit the tropical rain-forest and not see wildlife right? Birding in Belize near San Ignacio presently may seem unpopular. Especially due to no one really selling this amazingly colorful tour. Birding in San Ignacio allows guest to connect with nature at its best. On a Birding tour you’re not only going to see native birds of Belize but also stumble upon many other creatures of Belize.

We specialized in birding and cannot stress more on how beautiful and colorful Belize really are by the its flora and fauna, trust us. Birding can be done in town or up in the Mountain Pine Ridge where rare species can be spotted on a luck day. Every birder different from the other and it can be hard write about exactly how a birding tour may be done. Especially, based on experience, how birding can easily take you away from location, time, and busy life style.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Send us an email, and explore San Ignacio with us. Then, let us know what’s your top three tours in San Ignacio was, or will be.